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Casio G-Shock Cockpit Black Watch G-702BD-1A


Shortly after buying an Edifice EQW700 Solar Atomic chronograph, I realized why my two excellent G-Shocks never get much wrist time. First, I overwhelmingly prefer analog 'hands' for timekeeping over digital numeric displays, and second, despite their outstanding engineering and endurance, they mostly lack any sense of subtlety or the kind 'simple elegance' I associate with fine tools or instrumentation. Not to put too fine a point on it, but most G-Shocks have more bold text on their dials and bezels than the front page of a Hollywood tabloid!"WR200", "SHOCK RESIST", "10 YEAR LITHIUM" "START", "STOP", "RESET", "FORWARD", "REVERSE", "PARK"......BUGGER!
And so began the hunt for a G-Shock with some class and indestructible timepiece for a 'grown up' guy like me who doesn't operate a jackhammer, fight oil fires, or conduct underwater demolitions, or want people to think he does! just because it's built like a tank doesn't mean it has to look like one!
So, a few requirements began to organize themselves in my mind. I just love my Edifice 700 but between it's need for regular exposure to light, and its nightly WWVB synchronization, it's a little like owning a Tamagochi egg that tells time! In terms of regular user attention, I wanted this 'elegant beater' to be as 'low maintenance' and carefree as possible. I'll set it when it needs setting and every seven years or so, take it in for a new battery and seal-check. OK, finish...there's nothing I like better than an exquisite brushed or polished finish in high grade stainless steel. But that same gleaming steel shows scratches, debris and fingerprints, and tends to draw attention when and where least desired. This watch needs to maintain a low profile and not reveal the loving neglect I intend to bestow upon it. "Stealth", certainly, but NO black plastic case...I'm not 17 anymore! Looks like Black Ion Plated S.S. is what's needed here. Also, any visible print must be subdued and held to an absolute minimum. And while we're at it, how about 'reverse' LCD displays for the secondary functions with EL backlighting, and a high contrast, easily read dial. And another thing we can lose is that ubiquitous resin G-Shock strap. I want a matte' black IP plated heavy steel bracelet with deployant buckle. And finally, the price must not be a dime over $150...this is a G-Shock, not an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak! Well, that narrowed the selection down to either the G-702BD or the older model G-700. The 'no nonsense' display, easier readability, and yes, the relative scarcity of the G-702 clinched the decision in its favor. Unlike famous classics like the DW5600 and DW9052, I've never seen one of these on anybody!
So there you have it...the 'elegant', atypical, stealthy, carefree, high material quality affordable G-Shock: The 2005 Cockpit Series G-702BD-1A; available almost nowhere!
Date Added: 05/25/2010 by Bob Weiniger
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