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Terms and Conditions


prices and payment


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in US$

Payment in currencies other than US$ will not generally be accepted. Buyers who wish to be billed in a currency other than US$ should place the order and note the currency in which they wish to pay and if acceptable, we will issue the invoice. Currencies generally acceptable will be US$, Canadian $, Euros and British Pounds. Exchange rates will be set at our discretion and a service fee may be added to cover exchange and transaction costs.


Customers may pay through paypal or cash (in US$ unless otherwise agreed). Please ensure that we receive the full amount of the invoice.


In order to protect our customers as well as ourselves, all orders are subject to acceptance. We will in particular take care that large orders and credit card orders are legitimate. For the purposes of the discussion that follow, the date of order is the day that payment clears.

Unless otherwise explicitly specified and agreed, all transactions are billed in US$.

Some items shown may be out of stock but not updated on the web. You will receive full refund if we cannot provide the stock to you. You are adviced to check the status of the item before placing an order.


All orders are delivered by registered air mail

We will deliver to most countries and territories subject to acceptance and subject to additional shipping charges. Customers are responsible for any tax and customs duties and regulations that may apply.

-Express shipping is available upon request.

UK/ EU US$40

US US$35

AU US$30

Lost item will be refunded with the process up to 5 months.


Orders are considered valid after payment has been received. Once the order has been entered and submitted to our suppliers, the order cannot be cancelled. Orders will be considered as 'returns' once we have processed your order and there will be a handling fee of 25% of the order value with a minimum of US$10 per item.


Watches that arrive damaged or incorrect can be replaced at no extra charge if returned within fourteen (14) days of delivery in the original packing along with the order/receipt.

If the customer has chosen a wrong item and wishes to return the watch or exchange for a different one. There will be a handling fee of 25% of the list price of the item with a minimum of US$10 per item. In general, returns will not be accepted for multiple models of a watch.

Returns or exchanges have to be initiated by sending us an email request and the return or exchange has to be sent undamaged to us along with a copy of the order/receipt to the following address.

P.O. Box 20717

Hennessy Road Post Office

Hong Kong



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